Our mission is to ensure that busy professionals have elegant socks at their disposal at all times

Meet Gentlemen Socks

Early in our professional careers, we realized that the way we buy socks is outdated. Opening your drawer to discover that all your socks are worn out or being forced to show up to work with socks in two different colours are things that no professional should experience. At the same time, we believe that time is extremely valuable and you have more important things to do than periodically visit a department store.

We offer the finest quality

All socks are made with pure passion in Portugal. We work together with a family business that started developing socks early in 1960. Our products consist of the finest materials and most advanced knitting methods, ensuring that they feel great, are comfortable to wear throughout the day, and are highly durable. For example, our Fil d’Ecosse cotton has received a mercerisation treatment that strengthens the threats and makes the socks more resistant and softer.

Produced in a Sustainable Way

It is more important than ever to manufacture our socks in a fair and sustainable way. In order to have clear visibility on the production process, we produce our socks in Portugal, where we had the opportunity to meet the craftsmen and women working on our products.

In addition, we are very proud of the fact that our packaging, from the label to the box in which the socks are shipped, does not contain any plastic.

Our Story

No Longer Waste Valuable Time

Founded in 2020, Gentlemen Socks was established to introduce a modern way of buying socks. Our mission is to consistently provide you with excellent socks in the most convenient way possible. Just choose the styles you like, tell us which colours you prefer and how many pairs you want to receive. We will take care of the rest.

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